masques medicaux,What Came First: The Location In Khao Yai, Or The Train Carriages?
masques medicaux,Once again, the Jets will be a second thought in the New York market. Simplify the classic red, white and black jerseys and you could have a really sharp look. They’re plain, and lack much of anything. The blue and white go well together, but there’s not much character. The Colts probably aren’t going to make major changes any time soon.The pairings of either the red, white, or black jersey doesn’t look bad; it just never stands out, which is the main problem. I don’t care that the Cowboys home uniforms are a tradition, they’re ugly. The blue on the uniform doesn’t even match the blue on the helmet. If Dallas wore any of their other uniforms more, they would be much higher on this list.He also dropped the Eagles six spots for no apparent reason. Getty ImagesSports teams in North Carolina are known for wearing distinctive shades of blue and the Panthers are no exceptions to this. With one of the most unique color schemes in the league, the Panthers stand out. Getty ImagesThe uniform is old, classic, and similar to many others.What makes this a good uniform though, is the color scheme. The orange and blue combination is a classy look that gives the legacy of the Bears a bit more gravitas. Typically when teams have dark colors they accent them with brighter, lighter colors. For example the Saints accent their black uniforms with gold. If the Ravens wanted to improve these, they’d be wise to do the same.Of all the Rams’ jersey iterations, this was the worst. This was bad from the huge side panels to the brownish gold pants. Throwbacks are always fun, especially when you picture them during their actual heyday.That said, these new uniforms look nice. I like the stripes on the shoulders and socks, and they keep it simple on the numbers and chest. The color rush could use a touch of white , but overall, not much to complain about here. I don’t think anyone can debate this selection.The Texans’ uniforms are sad considering how great their logo is. The helmet looks great because of the logo, but the rest is lackluster. The striping isn’t great, and the navy blue doesn’t do much for me as a primary color.The site listed the classic helmet, colors, and decent numbers as pros of the team's uniform. This uniform is a year old and it never sat well with me from the beginning. It has moments, but the incorporation of black and white shoulder stripes really hold this back.

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